So, uh… I moved. That in itself shouldn’t have meant a whole lot for the website, aside from having to move my collection of mahjong games and game consoles from my old house to my new one, except for one… actually, a lot of reasons. Chief among them was that, in order to finish building this monstrosity of a computer (Yes, there’s a full gaming PC inside that), I needed to borrow nearly all the water cooling components from it, and I had never bought an air cooler for it since it was only ever supposed to run on water cooling. The power supply and all the cables had been removed as well, since I had been considering using the power supply for the new PC as well. On top of that, the video card that was in it was a factory water-cooled EVGA GTX 295 Hydro Copper, so without the water cooling parts installed, it would overheat. All that aside, for over a month after I moved, I didn’t have internet access in the room the server would be in, so even if it was put together, I wouldn’t be able to get it online. On top of that, I still needed to update my domain name settings to redirect to my new location (which, to be fair, took 5 minutes).

But anyway, here we are. The site is back up and running, primed for all kinds of new content. I’ve lost track of the new games I got since the last update, but here’s a couple I picked up just the other day:

The GameBoy game, Hong Kong, looks like mahjong on the surface, but it ended up being another game that uses mahjong tiles for its gameplay. I didn’t bother playing it, so I don’t know if it’s tile-matching. The other game, though, I was excited about, until I remembered I didn’t have a working Game Gear.

Oh, and it turns out that, not only do I have a boxed copy of the game, but I also have the sequel, neither of which I’ve even opened since my friend got them for me in Japan. Lesson learned: I need to update my game database so I don’t pick up any more duplicates.

As far as personal projects go, I’ve been studying JavaScript lately. I need to learn it for work, which is where I’ve been doing most of my studying, but I also want to use it to build little training tools for practicing scoring. I’ve always been curious how games, especially old ones, are able to score hands, so maybe I’ll try to build a script that can score hands. Maybe another that generates hands and quizzes you on the shanten number? If I come up with anything neat, I’ll definitely post it here.

Oh! Last bit of news is that I finally got around to mailing LAPOM the 3D printed AMOS table I designed and printed for them, detailed in this post. Unfortunately, it got damaged in shipping, but they were able to make it into a trophy for one of their tournaments! The winner seemed to think it was pretty cool, so I’m happy about that. It’s a bit odd, though, to think that something I designed on the computer and printed is now a trophy in a stranger’s home. (゚ー゚;)

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