I was going to make this post a bit longer than it’s going to end up being, so I’ll just lean into it and make it super-quick. I picked up a new game today called Jangou (雀ごう). It’s a 4-player mahjong game for the Famicom, and that’s basically all I know about it. A post about the game will be made, but probably not any time soon, since it doesn’t look like an especially promising game at this point.

I also picked up a Wonderswan Color today, and while it isn’t a mahjong game itself, it will let me play another fresh-from-Japan game I got, Raku Jongg (落雀), which is a mahjong themed falling-block puzzle game. I have another game for the PlayStation that includes something similar as a mini-game. I don’t remember what game it is, but it would be interesting if they were made by the same company.

Also, I’ll be doing even more presentations at SakuraCon this April. One will be on how to purchase and play imported mahjong games on North American consoles, and the other will be a top-10 style presentation showcasing 10 of, what I consider to be, the best mahjong games available for consoles. I’ll post more specific information once things are a bit more official, and I’m planning on posting the presentation documents and supporting materials just before the convention so attendees will have something to reference after the presentations are over.

Lastly, I finally bought the upgrade kit for The 麻雀. I’m currently working my way through the M1 League mode. Once I’ve made decent headway into the game I’ll create a whole new article, and update the existing article for The 麻雀 Lite as appropriate.

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