Few quick updates. Nothing ground-breaking, but they’re pretty neat. First, I just spent almost 5 hours teaching two new players how to play riichi mahjong with the help of another club member. The teaching went really well, I think, and both players were able to understand the tiles, basic gameplay, yaku, furiten, and entry-level strategy. By the end of the night both players were looking forward to a return to the club, so that’s a good sign.

Next would be the 3D printer I got recently. I don’t know how often that thing is going to be used for mahjong stuff, but I did a test print of a tile which game out pretty good. Eventually I’d like to design a center peace to replace my “laminated” (packing taped) piece of paper. Once that’s done I’ll post the .SLT file online for others to download.

Lastly, I got a Switch Online account and upgraded my copy of The麻雀 (which I already mentioned), and was able to play online against opponents in Japan. One thing to note, though, is that I was only able to find matches playing with my Japanese account. For whatever reason, my American account would try to find matches but fail. Switching to my Japanese account fixed it and I had a great time. I guess if you have the game you probably bought it from the Japanese eShop, meaning you already have a Japanese account, so none of this is really an issue. The only bummer is if you’ve invested time into another account for M1 League or something. I have the Switch in-hand and I’ll be taking it on my work trip, so I should be able to write up a review of The麻雀 in the next few days.

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