Game Info

Name: アイドル雀士R 雀ぐる★プロジェクト
Platform: PlayStation 2
Style: 2-player, arcade
Released: December 19,
Developer: PCCW Japan (Jaleco)
Publisher: PCCW Japan (Jaleco)
Catalog: SLPS 25182

On a recent trip to Japan, one of my friends from the Seattle Riichi Mahjong Club offered to go game shopping for me. “I have enough as it is, but I appreciate it” quickly became “That one, that one, that one, I have those four, and those three, please!” A few weeks and a couple hundred dollars later, I had my new games. And by “new”, I don’t necessarily mean “new to me”. One of them was actually brand new.

The large cardboard box wasn’t wrapped in plastic, and I don’t know if it ever was. The PlayStation 2 game case inside was still in its original wrapping, with the “PlayStation 2” markings there as proof the game was still new. Inside the box there was also a set of, what the packaging calls “trading cards”, as well as a desktop clock. Like, a physical clock with hands and a battery and it tells the time. A freaking clock.

I haven’t played the game yet (I’m about to do that right now) [Update: I did play it, a lot! Check out my review!], but I figured I would at least post the boxes, included goodies, and scans of the manual, game disc, and “trading cards” until I got some kind of real review up.

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