I haven’t talked about it often, and I haven’t ever said anything about it here, but one of my absolute favorite mahjong games is the Evangelion mahjong game for the GameBoy Color. I’ll do a full review of it in the next few months, but the important part here is that the game supports the GameBoy Printer (Pocket Printer in Japan), and today I finally got my hands on a working GameBoy Printer. “But what would Evangelion mahjong need a printer for?” I can hear you asking. So you can print waifus. There are “trading cards” you can unlock piece by piece, and when the whole card is completed, you can, presumably, print it out. Why? Who knows. Maybe Eva fans were just that starved for content, but I’m sure as hell excited to try it.

Last week I picked up an EON GCHD Mk-II, which allows for both a high-quality digital HDMI and analog component output from my DOL-001 GameCube. Before I was limited to either S-video if I wanted to play on original hardware, or using my Wii as a mostly-original solution to get higher quality video, which isn’t a viable solution if I’m trying to play Japanese GameCube games or GameBoy Advance games using the GameBoy Adapter. Now that I have the GCHD, I’ve been playing though Kiwame Mahjong DX II. It’s my only GameCube mahjong title, and only one of two that I’m aware of for the system. I’ve got a few hours into the game, and hopefully some time next week I’ll have a new article posted about it.

PS Please forgive the weird screenshots; the way I have everything setup results in 1080p video, even if the original content isn’t 16:9. Normally I crop the images so they’re not letterboxed but it’s 3am and I just want to get something posted.

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