I get asked this question a lot, and the answer is “Not that I’m aware of”. I’ve seen small lists of mahjong games, but never a comprehensive one, and that’s probably because there’s just so damn many, and not many people seem to be enthusiastic about them. Since my goal is to play as many games as possible, it makes sense for me to not only inventory my own collection, but also use that as a basis to create an ever-growing list of games that other people can reference. So now, along the top of the website, there are a variety of new menu options, one of which being ‘Game List’. Over the following weeks I’ll be adding to this list, eventually listing my entire library of mahjong titles, and creating links to any that have posts about them.

In other news, I’ve also been working on designing 3D-printed centerpieces for playing real-life mahjong. I’ve been fighting this printer for several days now; prints have been peeling up, ruining the piece anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours into the print. Today I finally made some breakthroughs and it seems to be behaving itself, so I’ll make a separate post once I have something cool to show off. For now, I’ve uploaded a picture of my first prototype. I designed it pretty quickly, measuring the side of my tiles and point sticks to make sure it’s exactly the right size. There are a few things I need to change for the ‘final version’, but once it’s finished I’ll post photos as well as an STL file so you can use it with your own 3D printer.

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