I spent the last week in Cleveland, Ohio, 2100 miles away from Mahjong.WTF headquarters. In that time I’ve been unusually productive when it comes to mahjong content. On the way there and back I spent almost the entire flight sprinting through the M1 League mode in The麻雀, trying to get to the end so I could start a proper review. By the time my final flight was descending into SeaTac I managed a huge win with with a x4 multiplier (that will be explained in the review/guide I’ve already started), shooting me right to the top of M1 and into a new, hidden G League! Hopefully I’ll make it through that tonight, otherwise it’ll have to go on the back burner until this weekend or early next week.

Previously I mentioned that I would be doing some mahjong presentations again at SakuraCon. That content will simultaneously be made available as an article here, but likely a lot more detailed. I’ve more-or-less completed a first draft, which I had posted publically, but decided to pull down so I could rewrite it. Similarly, I completed most of my review for The麻雀, but again, I want to rewrite it since I had continuously been updating an early draft as I completed the game and I think it deserves a fresh perspective. I noticed I keep trying to create fully detailed guides whenever I write a review, and I need to work on keeping the two separate. In the short term, this might mean that new articles take longer to post, but with regular practice, it should pick up steam again.

When I got back I had two packages waiting for me: Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai III Remix for the Sony PSP, and Pro Mahjong Kiwame DX II (which I keep typing as “Kiwame IIDX”, which would be a very different game). I really don’t know why I ordered Suchie-Pai III Remix; I’m just oddly fascinated with the series. Kiwame DX II, however, is genuinely interesting, because it’s one of the only mahjong titles I’ve found for the Nintendo GameCube, and because the box claims it to be the 18th Pro Mahjong Kiwame title. Right? That’s what XVIII means? 18? How are there so many? I recently found two I had never heard of before, one of which was a female-only game, which… I don’t remember why I didn’t get it. I think it was on Yahoo! Auctions and I didn’t want to pay $20 to have it shipped. Anyway, after I finish my The麻雀 and Idol Janshi R content I’ll probably dig into Kiwame DX II next.

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