Game Info

Name: シンプル麻雀オンライン
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Style: 4-player, simulation, online
Released: December 21.
Developer: Arc System Works
Publisher: Arc System Works

Normally I include a guide along with my review, but today is not that day. I care so little about this game now that I just can’t muster the energy. Here’s all you need to know: It’s a simple, cute mahjong game, with no challenge or depth. For 800円 it costs quite a bit more than The麻雀Lite, with the only advantage being online play. However, the online play is the single most frustrating experience I’ve had playing any mahjong game.

Even when Simple Mahjong Online was the only mahjong game available for the Switch, it was rare to get put into a fully lobby, so there would usually be one or two AI players. After the game ends, scores are recorded so you can see your average placement. However, if the game ends prematurely, no scores would be recorded, and players would often leave the game at the last second if they weren’t the winner. In the few months I played this game online I never once finished a match where I was in first place because the other players would bail out. Because of that, my half-decent record only showed a single fourth place finish.

It’s so unfortunate, because at its core, Simple Mahjong Online really is cute, enjoyable game with very few issues. The graphics were pleasant, the music was charming, and the overall experience seemed unusually polished for a budget piece of software.

Player pettiness aside, online play requires a Switch Online account now, so what few players might have been playing has been reduced even further.

In summary, don’t waste your money on this game. You’re better off spending the 1-200円 on The麻雀Lite or even importing Mahjong Fight Club for the PSP or DS.

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